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Filling Macines

This production line consists of bottle unscramble, ultrasonic Washing machine , hot air circulation tunnel oven, eye drop filling machine, filling ,cap screwing and sealing function. Mainly apply to pharmaceutical enterprise eye drop (or spray)filling production. The RABS system can meet the A class sterilization environment, it is the preferred production line meet new GMP requirements

  • Productivity is 6000 bts/H
  • Bottle unscramble adopts frequency inverter motor and unscrambling mechanism to arrange the disorder bottles.
  • Ultrasonic washing and water & air powerful washing type. The washed bottles meet new pharmacopeia standards and requirements. Hot air circulation tunnel oven adopts full laminal flow and hot air drying, sterling, can make the a class requirements for bottles running in tunnel its energy consumption is low, temperature uniformity is high, can remove the pyrogen efficiently. This machine is a popular and practical drying and sterling equipment at home and abroad.
  • Eye drop filling machine adopts separate servo controlling. Manipulator to press the inner stopper, definite torque cap screwing and sealing technology, the machine can run steadily with high product qualified rate