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Bio Reactor and Fermenter


S Scientific Instruments is the global specialist production systems and their bioreactors starting from Discovery to Production scale seamlessly enable optimization of the development of product to market.

Special Projects, Custom Solutions S Scientific Instruments supplies Stainless steel fermenters capacity upto 4000 ltrs meeting the GAMP and cGMP validation requirements. The bioreactors vessels are made with the highest standard material and with SIP/CIP processes which can be either automatic or manual. They are fully automatic controlled using Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC control systems. All bioreactor controllers are CE approved and designed to meet the strictest electromagnetic immunity requirements to provide dependable operation.

From basic physiochemical properties such as pH or dissolved oxygen to determination of biomass density or metabolite concentrations, S Scientific Instruments offers several analytical technologies for making sophisticated measurements in bioprocesses. The Biomass Monitor is a proprietary, non-invasive biomass monitoring system secured easily to the outside of a wide variety of bioreactor types; It has a wide linear range : 300 OD units! Sensor probes for oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide are designed to measure in small compartments or in very large vessels. Features include: Non-invasive sensors, Microsensors, Different measurement ranges, Sensors for liquids and gas, Calibration-free probes etc. The revolutionary BlueInOne online gas analyser combines the parallel measurement of CO2 and O2 with just one space-saving sensor. i-Control is an easy to operate bioreactor control system and utility console. This scalable control solution is used to control processes in bioreactor systems from laboratory scale to pilot plant and production scale. The seamless scale-ability saves time and money by offering a simple scale-up of control strategy from research via pilot-plant to production. The i-Control is available in a Single, a Dual bioreactor set-up as well as in a Quad (4 bioreactors) configuration. The system is supplied pre-configured and ready to use.