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Water Treatment equipment

Water Treatment Equipment


Pure water equipment requirements:

The water quality meets all the provisions of China pharmacopoeia standard and FDA; Automatic equipment operation and conditional automatic processing program (such as back flush, regeneration, acid-washing and disinfection procedures); Monomer and pipe equipment meet GMP requirements (all such back end processing equipments as sterilizer, membrane filtration, terminal water tank and pipeline adopt the 316L material and the pre-treatment pipeline adopts SUS304 material)

Double RO+EDI purified water system


Pure water quality standards Electrical conductivity: ≤0.5 μs/cm TOC ≤200 ppb Microorganism ≤20 cfu/ml

RO system


Pure water in such industries as electronics, medicine and food, etc; purification and preparation for water used in textile industry and chemical industry; purification and preparation for water used in food and drinks and enological process; concentration and recovery of the useful materials of aqueous solution in industrial production; preliminary desalination processing of high pressure boiler make-up water of the enterprises, such as electrical power plant, etc.; brackish water and seawater desalinization; as the first class desalinating equipment for high purity water production.

RO + EDI system


EDI equipment belongs to fine treatment water system and usually used in cooperation with reverse osmose (RO) to constitute the ultrapure water treatment system with pretreatment, reverse osmose and EDI devices. EDI equipment replaced the mixed ion-exchange unit used in traditional water treatment technology. EDI equipment requires the electrical resistivity of the water to reach 0.025-0.5MΩ·cm and the reverse osmosis device can completely meet the requirements. EDI equipment can produce ultrapure water with the electrical resistivity above 15MΩ·cm.